The Pirate Party banned from promoting The Pirate Bay

Pirate BayThe political arm so to speak of the Pirate Bay one of the most famous of file sharing links sites has been banned by a Dutch court from having links to the Pirate Bay site on theirs as well as being ordered to remove a proxy/VPN service (a story I covered last week) and instructions on how to set this up on your PC to allow you to circumvent any ISP blocks to The Pirate Bay.

“The Netherlands’ Pirate Party has been ordered to stop publicising ways to circumvent blocks to The Pirate Bay.

The ruling by a court in the Hague follows a complaint by the anti-piracy group Brein.

It had said that the political party was helping users overcome a previous ruling that had ordered two of the country’s biggest internet service providers to prohibit access to TPB.”

At this point in time, the courts instruction on the proxy and instruction has not been complied with as the service is still up and running.


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