The “New” Bing, the search engine gets updates

BingMicrosoft yesterday announced the next raft of updates for their ever growing in user base Bing search engine (approx. 15% of the search market ), the updates should start to be available to users in the USA from June 2012 and then other countries at a later date.

“With the new version of Bing, rolling out over the coming weeks and broadly available in the U.S. in early June, people can easily get advice and recommendations from friends and experts with the new social sidebar. They can also view useful, action-oriented information via the new snapshot feature. And they can find what they’re looking for faster, with more relevant results and a refreshed user interface. All of this is presented in a new, three-column design that focuses on helping users take the leap from finding information to making quick, informed decisions”

I have to agree with the below comment and it is one comment I get a lot on web forums, is to why is it way too hard at times to search for just simple things, well  there are generally many factors to this, not adding enough core words to your search query or using operators like “my search” around your key word/s or using advanced operators like “my search” filetype:pdf. These search operators if you type yourself up a list of them to print out and keep by your PC will become second nature over time. 

“More than two-thirds of consumers use search to accomplish tasks, according to a Microsoft user survey. Yet 60 percent wonder whether they have found the best information available for what they’re trying to do, and 52 percent find themselves entering multiple queries and visiting lots of sites for searches that shouldn’t be so ha

However if Bing is to become more intelligent in its search and offer you various options as listed below in both images and below quoted text, then your searches should become  much more tailored, with Bing narrowing the search down and with the option of asking a friend or colleague in your social media circle, such as Facebook.


“The new features in Bing are designed to help people complete tasks combining the best information from the Web, rich data organized in a better way, and the input of friends and experts.

  • Improved Web Results: Consumers can perform traditional Web searches faster, with more relevant results using the new, cleaner user interface.

  • Snapshot: Users can quickly complete tasks by viewing useful information related to their searches and compiled by Bing as a single “snapshot” – all in one place in a separate column.

  • Sidebar: Consumers can take action based on the recommendations of friends and experts in the sidebar – displayed in a third column, separate from main Web results page.”


Bing is progressing nicely in my opinion and not just because I am a Microsoft MVP (see logo button in right side panel) but it has gone down a different track in searching unlike other search engines that just give you way too much of what you don’t need, which is why I love cluster type search engines (Yippy for one).

I just hate it these days for instance when I need to search for a applications .exe file and all I get is a million and one Hijackthis logs ahhhhhhhh! so being able to use either search operators as I mentioned earlier to weed out the data you don’t need or if the revamp of Bing can help in this goal I will be a happy internet user.

Do post in comments your pet hates about searching on the internet these days as I like to know I’m not the only grumpy one out there.


So watch out for the updates to Bing in June.


Please read the full press release at Microsoft News Center HERE

Google accuses Bing of copying

GooglevsbingWell it looks as now Bing the search or should I say “decision engine” from Microsoft is now starting to gain a foothold in the search market that Google has dominated for years and subsequently coined the immortal search term “to google” instead of “to search” in PC user circles.

Google has accused Microsoft of cheating, following an investigation known as the ‘Bing Sting’.  Google engineers created 100 nonsensical queries such as “hiybbprqag” and inserted a fake result for each.

Within weeks, the same results began to appear on its rival Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Microsoft denies copying Google and accused Google of conducting “spy-novelesque stunts”.

Harry Shum, vice president of Bing, said: “We do not copy Google’s search results. We use multiple signals and approaches in ranking search results,” he added.

“Opt-in programs like the toolbar help us with clickstream data, one of many input signals we and other search engines use to help rank sites,” he added.

Not that Bing actually lists the same result as Google’s complaint now, may have been omitted by Bing engineers or as some Search Engine experts and pundits question, was it intended to be released due to Farsight 2011 being on this week!?

search result Bing

So I’m just as usual sceptical of these types of digs at other companies to score cheap points, so I’m open minded to what both are up to, but its big business.

Read the full article at BBC Technology News HERE