Dubious Anonymous OS causes concern

hackerThis is more of a heads up warning as some groups and especially the hacking group Anonymous have distanced themselves from this alleged new OS from them.

While i know Linux OSes are pretty malware free, you never know what these alleged software contain, for all we know it may have malware, the security companies like Sophos mentioned below in the BBC article will be looking into any issues.

“More than 26,000 people have downloaded an operating system which members of the Anonymous hacker group claim to have created.

The software is based on a version of the open-source operating system Linux and comes outfitted with lots of website sniffing and security tools.

The “official” Anonymous group has distanced itself from the software.

In a widely circulated tweet, AnonOps claimed the operating system was riddled with viruses.

Graham Cluley, senior researcher at hi-tech security firm Sophos, wondered who would be tempted to use it.

He warned people to be very wary, adding that some hacktivists keen to support the work of Anonymous had been tricked earlier in the year into installing a booby-trapped attack tool. ”

Its not worth downloading in the thinking it will make you a hacker overnight as it will not and groups like Anonymous do not release openly tools to aid in hacking.

More at BBC Technology News HERE