Microsoft Free eBook on Security and Privacy for Office 2010 Users

imageThese days security is on almost everyone’s mind, especially if you work in industry or for a Government agency (I work in the UK Health Service “NHS”)or even a security conscious home user.

With all the sensitive documents you may have to create be they industrial ideas or research work, at times we overlook the security aspect of a Word or Excel file, it may contain very sensitive or secret data.

So to help secure our documents Microsoft Press have released for FREE yes FREE to download the fantastic book by Mitch Tullock (a well respected Microsoft MVP in Windows Administration) on Security and Privacy for Microsoft Office 2010 Users.

“Take control—and put the built-in security and privacy features in Microsoft Office to work! Whether downloading documents, publishing a presentation, or collaborating online—this guide offers concise, how-to guidance and best practices to help protect your documents and your ideas.

• Get practical, proactive guidance for using the security and privacy management features in Office 2010 and Office 365

• Walk through everyday scenarios, and discover everyday techniques that help you take charge

• Understand common risks and learn best practices you can apply right away”

The book covers many aspects of “Why should you care” to “Encrypting a Document”, the chapters are laid out clear and simple that anyone who uses Office 2010 should be able to follow.

image image

The book has great images (samples above) to go along with the steps for each topic, I’m a great fan of using images to help describe a step by step guide. I think this book is a well worth download for any user of Office 2010, be you a corporate or home user.

Read the rest of the article and download the free eBook at Microsoft Press HERE

Office 2010 5 – Minute Makeovers

Office 2010I have been reading the Microsoft Office newsletter I get each month for years and many a great tip they have from one I posted about a while back in Ribbon Hero for Office 2010 a superb way to learn about the various Office apps and what you can do with them.

The below link is a collection of quick simple tips to improve your documents from Word to Publisher.

View the videos and get the templates HERE

Office 2010 Service Pack 1 for Download

microsoft-officeOffice 2010 now has Service Pack 1 for download, while for many it should now be listed in Windows Update for download and install it may not be for all users, and I tend to try and get the full download install as I have a few PCs that have Office 2010 installed on, so this saves the waste of time downloading what is from 361mb (32bit) – 439mb (64bit) in size multiple times.

Links are below to the two versions

32bit Office 2010 Service Pack 1 HERE

64bit Office 2010 Service Pack 1 HERE

OneNote 2010


I did not really use OneNote a lot until within the last 6 months or so, but have now become a convert to the ease of use and electronic filing cabinet that it offers. OneNote is really easy to use as it adds a right click context menu option so that on any text or image you can Send to OneNote the text, image, webpage etc.


With Microsoft OneNote 2010 you can collect and organize everything you need—notes, photos, videos, and web links— for any project you are working on. OneNote keeps the information you need at your fingertips and, with powerful search capabilities, you can easily find exactly what you are looking for. Toss those paper-based notebooks in the recycling bin—you’ve got a digital notebook now!

I find that I use OneNote a lot more in work and now at home to save webpages and clips of text to a specific folder, as in various categories like Recipes, Windows tech questions/answers etc.

Another of the advantages of OneNote 2010 is that you can from many images extract the text.

From this image


 you can get this text


and all from right clicking the image and choosing Copy Text from Picture and then pasting it into a blank area of the OneNote page.

The possibilities in using OneNote are pretty endless so if you have OneNote as part of your Office package then do try it out.

Meet OneNote HERE