LOL – History of the internet at the National Media Museum

NewsThis is one for all you UK tech buffs as the National Media Museum in Bradford are starting on the 30th March 2012 an exhibition into the history of the web called Life on Line or LOL for short, although a bit too close the the internet slang of Laugh Out Loud, so I hope the exhibition content is not bad.


“The gallery will bring together historically significant content, multimedia displays, and a programme of special exhibitions exploring contemporary trends and issues related to how the internet and the web are changing society.

It features contributions from some of the web’s pioneers such as Tim Berners Lee and Vint Cerf.”

Looking at pictures of another exhibition they host on computer gaming, the exhibits look superb as you can see in the image below of Tetris blocks on the walls.

NMM Foyer

So if you are at a loose end with nothing to do or with the Easter Bank Holiday coming up, why not take a trip to Bradford’s National Media Museum. 

Read more at BBC Technology News HERE and at the Bradford National Media Museum HERE