Panda Batch File Renamer

SoftwarePanda Batch File Renamer is a free application of the type I really like as it’s simple to use and a standalone application which is fantastic for use on a USB pen, as all you need to do is create yourself a Folder on your USB pen for Panda File Renamer and then extract the contents of the 7-zip download to that folder (are two files a main executable PandaBatchFileRenamer.exe  and a FotoFly.dll, cannot miss the executable file as its the Panda Icon).

Panda Batch File Renamer is an easy to use utility for changing the names of multiple files. The intuitive interface provides a flexible way to quickly alter file names. The current and final file names are shown side-by-side on the screen and any changes are displayed on screen immediately.

Information taken directly from the ID tags of photo and music files can be inserted into the file name. Multiple renaming options can be queued up to make very detailed changes to file names if required.                                                              
A history of changes is kept, allowing them to be undone if a mistake is made. Renaming options can be saved so that you do not have to repeatedly recreate them.

So as a standalone application its great for photographers.

You can add files either by browsing for them or highlighting and copying them to the clipboard, then in the clipboard way just click in the application, File > Add from the Clipboard, couldn’t be much simpler.

panda 01 panda 02

You can add, remove text, change the meta tags and a fair few other details to your media files.

panda 03  panda 04

As an Edit to my original post I’m adding a link to the AnimalSoftware forum HERE as the developer Ulric has added some guides to less known features of the Panda Batch File Renamer app.

Download from HERE or the Homepage HERE                                                 Note: I have tested this in Windows 7 (both 32bit and 64bit in Windows 7), did also try in Vista 32bit and you just need to make sure you are fully patched with all updates from Windows Update and at least .Net 3.5

Enhanced Keyfinder

First off this is not a key generator that allows you to generate an illegal serial key for Windows Operating System or other applications, its job is to allow you to quickly and easily find the serial licence keys for a few applications.

Enhanced Keyfinder 001For obvious reasons my licence keys are blanked out above

Two of the great options that this application has over other keyfinders is the ability to load a Registry Hive from another PC or via a network to allow you or an administrator to locate the licence keys, and the final one is the ability to run from a Linux CD and the steps are HERE from the developer of this app from sag47.

My tip is to use this application to save off your licence key data to a text file and save or print out and keep safe in case you have to re-install Windows or another application and cannot find the original box and licence serial key. To save to a text files is as simple as running the application and then clicking File > Save As, then name your text file and click Save.

Download HERE