Enhanced Keyfinder

First off this is not a key generator that allows you to generate an illegal serial key for Windows Operating System or other applications, its job is to allow you to quickly and easily find the serial licence keys for a few applications.

Enhanced Keyfinder 001For obvious reasons my licence keys are blanked out above

Two of the great options that this application has over other keyfinders is the ability to load a Registry Hive from another PC or via a network to allow you or an administrator to locate the licence keys, and the final one is the ability to run from a Linux CD and the steps are HERE from the developer of this app from sag47.

My tip is to use this application to save off your licence key data to a text file and save or print out and keep safe in case you have to re-install Windows or another application and cannot find the original box and licence serial key. To save to a text files is as simple as running the application and then clicking File > Save As, then name your text file and click Save.

Download HERE