Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs released

Intel Ivy-BridgeI have to say I have been awaiting this release of CPUs and Chipsets from Intel over the Sandy Bridge chips, these Ivy Bridge CPU’s are based off Intel’s latest Tri-Gate transistors.


The Ivy Bridge CPUs are to give us 20% more computing power with 20% less power usage, thus lower temperatures for CPU and system.

“Today marks the release of Intel’s third-generation Core i ‘Ivy Bridge’ processors, which the latest test results suggest will increase CPU performance by around 10 percent and integrated graphics by 75 percent. See also: Intel launches Ivy Bridge processor family.

This improved graphics power pushes Intel closer to rival AMD. You can see the effects in our first Intel Ivy Bridge PC review.

With nine desktop models in the i5 and i7 series and six i7 variations destined for the portable market, these processors are the first batch of what will eventually be a complete refresh of Intel’s CPU line-up.”

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