Website Blocking Law to be dumped by UK Government

164ASP21704517Well this is one bit of news that I’m really happy with as for me when you introduce website blocking you are entering the realms of creating a nanny censorship state and the amount of legitimate website that would be blocked by this due to the gatekeepers of this system not knowing what is good from bad.

“Plans to block websites that host copyright infringing material are to be dumped by the government.

Business secretary Vince Cable announced the change following a review of the policy by telecoms regulator Ofcom.

Website blocking was one of the key provision contained in the Digital Economy Act.

Internet Service Providers had objected to the idea that copyright owners could compel them to cut-off some sites”.

I do not condone illegal downloads of music and video, but you do run the risk of  potentially cause disruption or harming to legitimate businesses.

One of the most anticipated areas of this new information from Vince Cable is the Hargreaves Review and the information on Legal Ripping or “Format Shifting” of your media be that Music or Video. This I would non scientifically say that virtually everyone has done this at some point in “shifting” a CD to digital format such as MP3, or for many years copying a TV show or film off TV to a CD/DVD or nowadays HDD, as in theory you have shifted the original format to another format.

“Mr Cable also announced a raft of measures intended to update the UK’s copyright laws.

The changes are based on the Hargreaves Review which was set-up to examine current legislation’s fitness for purpose in the digital age.

One of the most significant recommendations that the government plans to implement is the legalisation of “format shifting” – where users rip content from CDs or DVDs to for their own personal use.

“We are talking about big changes,” said Mr Cable.

“Bringing the laws more up-to- date to have a proper balance which allows consumers and businesses to operate more freely, but at the same time protect genuinely creative artists and penalise pirates.”

The business secretary said the economy would benefit by £8bn over the next few years by updating the legislation.”

Full Article at BBC Technology News HERE