Digital Janitor

SoftwareI like really neat small applications like this that just make your PC life that little bit easier, and Digital Janitor is one such application. Do bare in mind that this is a beta so not the final release of the application but as a starting point I think its well worth an install and test.

“Digital Janitor is an application specialized in sorting files. To use it, you have to insert the rules on which the sort will be performed and press a button. Within seconds the folder that you wanted to sort is clean, and all the files are in the right place.

Example:You have the following files in a folder: “Text File.txt”, “Another Text File.txt”, “Word Document.doc”, “Another Document.otd”, “Image.jpg”.
You set the following rules:

  • All text files (*.txt) go to C:Text Files
  • All files that contain “Document” in their description go to C:Documents
  • All images (*jpg) go to C:Images

After selecting the folder that you want to sort, press the “Sort” button and the files will be automatically moved to their place!”

I thought Digital Janitor would come in handy for me as a way to in one scenario to move files that I save that are updates or new applications to install on all my PCs as I have a network shared folder setup, so this would be a way to automatically copy these new apps or updates to the shared folder. Well it works very well in this instance, so I see no problems in setting up many sort options.

DigitalJanitor 001 DigitalJanitor 004

The option to sort music may interest many who have large collections of music.

DigitalJanitor 002

Download from HERE                                                                                                                   works in XP/Vista/7 and needs at least .NET Framework 2.0 and Windows Installer 3.1