Amazon Start Cloud Drive and Cloud Player

GettingStarted_TCG__V184037123_Amazon have seemed to have gotten the jump on its main rivals in Apple and Google, who have been reported to be developing similar services, but have not released them as yet.

Maybe a co-incidence that Amazon has released this now to mainly get its “cloud” based product out first before Apple as Apple are trying to fight Amazon in the courts over the usage of the term “apps store”.

Its very easy to upload files and this is my amazon account below, with my newly added “Cloud Drive”, you can not only upload music which you can play on the “Cloud Player” (Cloud Player is for US customers only at present) but you can upload Video, Documents and Pictures, which is handy if you are travelling.

Amazon Cloud Drive 001 Amazon Cloud Drive 002

Link to the service is HERE and users gain 5GB of “Cloud Drive” online storage to start with, you can update and there is a route to gain 20GB in purchasing an album (do read the T&Cs). You can also upload music from your own library to add to the Cloud Drive storage, which will allow you to stream your music anywhere you have an internet connection.

“Amazon has launched Cloud Player and Cloud Drive today, a new service that will allow customers to store music files on the company’s servers but stream the content on their computers and mobile devices. Amazon is advertising the product as a way of streamlining the management of digital music collections, both in terms of providing easier access to files and preventing the possibility of losing everything in a disk drive crash.”

Read the full article to the quote above HERE at Rolling Stone