EU Trade Committee MEP’s dismiss Acta

hackerThis was a vote I was waiting to hear what the results of as I blogged about the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (Acta) law on copyright protection and illegal file sharing of media back in April HERE. Today sees the results of the EU parliamentary committee  who voted against this law by 19 to 12.

“Acta aims to tighten rules on both online and offline piracy but has attracted many critics.

One of its harshest detractors has been UK MEP David Martin, the lead member of the committee.

Speaking after the Inta vote, he said: “This was not an anti-intellectual property vote. This group believes Europe does have to protect its intellectual property but Acta was too vague a document,” he said.

He said that it “left many questions unanswered”, including the role of ISPs in policing the internet. He also said that many on the committee felt that the sanctions for breaches of copyright were “disproportionate”.”

Although this is not the full parliamentary vote on this law, it is seen by many as the death-nail to it as the committee involved with this vote are who advise the main parliament which way to vote.


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