Well where do I start, ok the beginning…. I grew up with computers having a Commadore64 as a teen, then started my working life in the photographic industry where I truely caught the PC bug while working for Kodak UK as the equipment used was all PC based.

I now work in Ophthalmology for the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and its St. Pauls, Dept of Eye and Vision Sciences and use computing to evaluate eye disease, mainly Age Related Macular Degeneration and Diabetes.

In my spare time I do a fair amount of beta testing of Microsoft products, mainly Vista and at present Windows 7, Live Applications, Office and Microsoft Security Essentials to name some of the latest and past ones.

I also help out on some web forums, mainly Majorgeeks.com (also I am part of the Admin Team on this site) which assists IT Pro’s to Novices in all PC related issues, from OS, applications to malware removal.

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  1. hey david,

    i really need your help w/ my laptop, i tried to find the thread i started & you replied to the other day about emsisoft anti malware. but the major geek site is alittle hard trying find stuff (to me). my laptop has not ran right since. i have tried several times to clean it w/”read me first” page for vista. and i always get stuck on the rootkit, i keep gettng some error in the middle of scanning, which i cannot read b/c as soon as i click on it, the entire thing closes. thus far the other tools didnt find anything, & i re-downloaded avg 2011, but i still dont feel safe really. b/c like said things are going hay wire, like i keep loosing my internet connect. but my modem is perfectlly fine, i talk to att three times this morning & they did checks & found nothing. i am so worried now b/c my classes started & this will b the second week so the homeowork ball will b roling. i would hate for something to happen while writing a paper or doing research. and at the moment i cannot afford to take it bestguy or something to get fully check out. plus the warranty ended last year, so i have no kind of coverage(hate dell). if you can try to find me & our thread on major geek just leave a message. i need help on everything like attaching the logs from scans & other possible solution to fix this damn thing! thank you so much…mslady

    • Hi

      I sent you a Private Message on Majorgeeks and while you cannot reply to me direct on the Private Message, do so in the thread of yours I linked too.