Clean-up starts after the LizaMoon SQL infection


While it can never be fully assessed as to how many internet users have been duped into installing and paying for the fake security software as in “Windows Stability Center”, it does look from the initial reports as this attack as not managed to take hold as bad as it could have and in the main to very quick responses from many of the top security companies.

3113_lizamoon2_windowsstabilitycenter_jpg-550x0  The Fake Security Application “Windows Stability Center”

Sadly these fake antivirus and security applications are now looking more professional looking and with the name Windows or Microsoft on them they do to many PC users look real.

“The Lizamoon website attack seems to have ensnared relatively few victims.

The massive attack managed to inject the name of several rogue domains into hundreds of thousands of websites.

The link led to a page that carried out a fake virus scan and then recommended fake security software to clean up what it supposedly found.

But despite the huge success by the attackers, swift action by security firms looks to have limited the number of victims.”

Read the full article at BBC Technology News HERE

More information at Websense Blog HERE on what to look out for if you are accidently caught out by a faked Domains.

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