Rustock Spammers Sought

spam-e-mailThe Rustock spamming botnet was one of the biggest spamming nets in the world until its takedown in February of 2011, this has seen many users have slightly less spam email in their inbox than usual.

Now the authorities and companies involved with the removal of this botnet are after the creators, who that say may number in the handful.

The Rustock botnet, which sent up to 30 billion spam messages per day, might have been run by two or three people.

“It does not look like there were more than a couple of people running it to me,” said Alex Lanstein, a senior engineer at security firm FireEye, which helped with the investigation into Rustock.

That work by FireEye, Microsoft, Pfizer and others culminated on 16 February with simultaneous raids on data centres in seven US cities that seized 96 servers which had acted as the command and control (C&C) system for Rustock.

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