Mozilla Firefox 4.0 making download progress

Mozilla Firefox (Fx for short) has made a splash in the browser world with on its first day of release 5 million users downloading it, a bit short of the 8m that downloaded Firefox 3.0 in 2008, but none the less an impressive total.

Today that total is at the dizzy heights of 23.5m, not to take anything away from this superb statistic, I always look at statistics like this with some scepticism and why you may ask, well its simple, I have downloaded it on 3 separate occasions for the same PC, so over the life of a counter like below users may well download it multiple times, due to re-installs etc. so if it was a unique statistic from an IP address and counted once I would be massively impressed.

Fx 4.0 Download Stats

The statistic page also if you click the multi-coloured bars in the left corner with the arrow in above image, will allow you to see what countries are downloading Firefox 4.0 and Europeans are great lovers of Firefox as the predominant downloaders and users. You can also drill down into cities of a country to see who is downloading Firefox 4.0 the most.

Fx 4.0 Download Stats 002Fx 4.0 Download Stats 003

Firefox’s market share has declined a small bit over the last year from figures from MarketShare’s last graph HERE due to Google’s Chrome browser stating to make inroads into both Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox’s share of what is a competitive market. As these figures are from February 2011 as last ones I have seen, it will be interesting to see as now Microsoft have Internet Explorer 9 on the market as well as the release in the past week of Firefox 4.0 for Mozilla, perform over the next few months.

Needless to say the browser wars are only just starting, but I feel it keeps the browser technology moving forward and competition is good for the end user like me and you.

Download Firefox 4.0 from HERE                                                                                       Compatible  with Windows XP, Vista, 7, Apple Mac and Linux.

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