IE6 Countdown Timer

With Internet Explorer 6 having been around for near on 10yrs and with newer browsers not only Internet Explorer 8 and soon 9, but with Firefox and Opera all have improved security in browsing as well as speed. Microsoft are calling it a day of IE6 and have a countdown timer with information of % of users per country.

IE6countdown 001

“There are many benefits of upgrading to a newer version of Internet Explorer – improved speed, tabbed browsing, and better privacy settings to name a few.

The web has changed significantly over the past 10 years. The browser has evolved to adapt to new web technologies, and the latest versions of Internet Explorer help protect you from new attacks and threats.”

IE6countdown 002

While it was a great browser in its day its now time to migrate to a newer version of Internet Explorer or an alternative browser, if you are using IE6.

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