Firm stops pursuing net pirates

Well this will breathe a sigh of relief to many who have been wrongly accused of internet piracy in downloading illegal music and films etc. I personally feel these legal companies where opportunist in trying to frighten  users into paying a small fee to not go to court.

“MediaCAT, a firm which has sent thousands of letters to alleged illegal file-sharers in the UK, has ceased trading, according to its law firm.

It follows the resignation of Andrew Crossley, who heads the law firm that pursued alleged file-sharers on its behalf.

Mr Crossley resigned during a court hearing, brought against 27 alleged illegal file-sharers.

He confirmed that MediaCAT had “ceased trading”.

It comes days before a judgement is due on the case in a hearing at London’s patent court.

During the case, Judge Birss criticised the methods used by Mr Crossley and the law firm he heads – ACS: Law.

MediaCAT had signed a number of contracts with copyright owners, allowing it to pursue alleged illegal file-sharers on their behalf.”

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