Microsoft Security Report highlights Conficker Worm alive and well

The Conficker worm malware infection has been a real pest for a while now and Microsoft have released their latest security report (July – December 2011) highlighting how many times this malware variant was detected worldwide.


“Microsoft Corp. today released the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report volume 12 (.pdf file), which found that the Conficker worm was detected approximately 220 million times worldwide in the past two and a half years, making it one of the biggest ongoing threats to enterprises. The study also revealed the worm continues to spread because of weak or stolen passwords and vulnerabilities for which a security update exists.

According to the SIRv12, quarterly detections of the Conficker worm have increased by more than 225 percent since the beginning of 2009. In the fourth quarter of 2011 alone, Conficker was detected on 1.7 million systems worldwide. In examining the reasons behind Conficker’s prevalence in organizations, research showed that 92 percent of Conficker infections were a result of weak or stolen passwords, and 8 percent of infections exploited vulnerabilities for which a security update exists.

“Conficker is one of the biggest security problems we face, yet it is well within our power to defend against,” said Tim Rains, director of Microsoft Trustworthy Computing. “It is critically important that organizations focus on the security fundamentals to help protect against the most common threats.”

As I will always stat is that you need to use an Antivirus application, it can be any of the major brands free solutions, but do use one (Microsoft have released the updated Security Essentials 4.0 this week, and you can download it HERE) and keep it updated. Keep your Windows OS fully up to date and be weary on what sites you are viewing and downloading from, if in doubt, check a sites reputation with the likes of WOT.


Read the full article at Microsoft News Centre HERE

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Security Report highlights Conficker Worm alive and well

    • Hi thanks for the comment and yes sadly this is one of those malwares that’s not going away easily. In part to users not having decent security software installed and not keeping both Windows and any 3rd party software fully up to date.

      As well as the warez market in music, films and software p2p and DL sites, that all that glitters is not gold, it generally harbours malware.

      I admin on the forum and the amount of users that have p2p apps installed as well as listening to the rubbish that Firefox will protect you more that IE will is amazining, while Fx maybe secure in itself its what you download that causes the issue, not the browser.

      So sadly we have to educate users to keep their PCs secure and safe surf, not an easy task you’ll agree.

      Again thanks for the comment,