Mozilla to join the smartphone revolution in 2012

Mozilla logoMozilla are about to in late 2012 join the Smartphone melee and try to go head to head with Apple, Google, Microsoft, RIM etc in what is a competitive market, however if Mozilla can put the spin on their mobile phone offering like they have done with the Firefox browser, then they have a good chance to pick up the “geek” market of users.

“Mobile phones running an operating system developed by makers of the Firefox web browser will go on sale in late 2012.

The first handsets running Mozilla’s “Boot to Gecko” (B2G) software will be available in Brazil on Telefonica Vivo’s mobile network.

Brazilian tech blog Ztop broke the news but had no details about which firm will make the handsets.

Announced in July 2011, B2G aims to be an open rival to Google’s Android.”

Read the full article at BBC Technology News HERE