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Windows 8 logoPrevious Versions has been in Windows XP, Vista and 7 and for me has been a saviour at times, especially in work as I do not have admin rights to install a backup solution and System Restore is turned off.

While Previous Versions works well, I just wanted to check out the updated File History in Windows 8 to see what has changed and how easy it is to use and restore any files you may need back due to accidental deletion or a version change you do not want (eg. Office Word file you made changes too that you wish you did not and have no backup or the original).

I found it very easy and File History and successful recovery depends on you creating a separate backup location be on a portable hard disk drive (HDD), to a network drive location. I am hoping that when Microsoft release the Desktop Skydrive version that it will allow backups to the “cloud”.

However for this test I used a previously created File History on a portable HDD and deleted a few folders in the Pictures Library, then clicked Home > History, highlighted at the top of the image below, then at the bottom used the left and right buttons to navigate through the available saved file history.

File Versions

Then once you have chosen the backup date you remember the said file/s being the one you wanted, click the “Restore to original location” button below and then a progress box will show giving you the time it will take to restore your file/s.

File Versions 2 File Versions 3

If you do disconnect your secondary, portable or network HDD then Windows File History will be saved locally until you connect said drive and click Run Now from the Action Center (the white flag in the system tray in Desktop view or get to Action Center via clicking in the right corner and click the Search icon and type Action Center.

File history 4

I like this File History option and it works in any folder, just click Home then the History icon in the Open ribbon box.

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