Windows Compatibility Centre

Windows 7 boxThe Windows Compatibility Centre is a great first port of call if you wish to find out if one of your old software applications works with Windows 7 (the current Windows Operating System) be that 32bit or 64bit, the database of a vast array of software and hardware is listed.


From the about on the Windows Compatibility Centre site.

“While you could sift through old installation CDs or hunt around on the web for the hardware drivers or software updates you need, we aim to make it easier. That’s why we offer a central place where you can get the drivers and updates you need to get up and running quickly.

Each product has a details page which shows its compatibility status with Windows 7. Links under the compatibility status will take you directly to a download page for the device driver or software upgrade you need. Additional links on the left side of the page go to the manufacturer’s or publisher’s homepage, support site, and contact page. For compatibility information on 32-bit versions of Windows 7, click the 32-bit tab at the top of the page”

Personally I do find it very helpful as I get asked a lot “does this software work with Windows 7” well while I’m very good and have a great memory, I cannot know everything that is compatible or not, so this site is a great one to link to, for case in point, security software is good starting point and you can just click the Security icon on the home page and you get a list of what has been tested and what is compatible or not.


You will find a vast array of topics from Communications to Developer Tools to Hardware. So if you ever need to check if hardware or software is compatible with Windows 7, then do check this great resource out first as well as the manufacturers site.

Windows Compatibility Centre