ACS:Law fined

Just to round off a story I have been following for some time regarding ACS:Law and their practices to scare internet users into paying fines up front of being taken to court, and in most cases the users where innocent.

Andrew Crossley, the controversial solicitor who made money by accusing computer users of illegal file sharing, has been fined £1,000.

The penalty has been imposed for a data breach which saw the personal details of 6,000 computer users, targeted by his firm, exposed online.

Information Commissioner Christopher Graham said that the severity of the breach warranted a heavier fine.

But he added that Mr Crossley was not in a position to pay.

“Were it not for the fact that ACS:Law has ceased trading so that Mr Crossley now has limited means, a monetary penalty of £200,000 would have been imposed, given the severity of the breach.”

Finally the courts have fined the lawyer of the company that pursued users, but in a paltry sum, the £1000 fine despite what the Information Commissioner stated the fine was way way too low, considering the amount of money this cost the taxpayer in court time, to the distress that falsely accused internet users had to endure with a threat of court hanging over their heads.

For me personally it does not deter other firms doing the same.


Read the full article HERE at BBC Technology News.