Photo Fuse

Until I was catching up with blogs that I read today and notably The Windows Blog, I had not noticed this neat new option in Photo Fuse the latest version of Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Below is an image from the Microsoft team who developed this great option as I did not have a picture to hand that would show the same creativity you can achieve, so all credits for the image to them.

Here’s an example from the folks who worked hard to make Photo Fuse a reality. You can see how we combined the two photos on the left to make the one on the right.

Photo Fuse makes it possible to take the best parts of similar photos and fuse them together into one composite shot. For example, it’s common in a group picture for someone to have closed their eyes or looked away from the camera in a series of attempted pictures. In Photo Gallery, you can select all the pictures and Photo Fuse will guide you through picking the best slices from each photo and then merge them into one.


Check it out for yourself and you can get Windows Live Photo Gallery HERE

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