Apple computers hit by malware

untitledSo you have head all the comments by some people that Apple OSX is immune to malware, while this is not fully correct, as its more the fact that malware writers have not targeted their attacks on Apple OSX, until now that is, seems the MAC, is the target on some new malware that is growing in infection count.

See the below quote from tech writer Ed Bott

“Over the weekend, I got an e-mail from an AppleCare support rep, who was responding to my recent reports of Mac malware being found in the wild. At least one prominent voice in the Mac community dismisses these reports as “crying wolf.” The view from inside an Apple call center says it’s for real:

I can tell you for a fact, many, many people are falling for this attack. Our call volume here at AppleCare is 4-5x higher than normal and [the overwhelming majority] of our calls are about this Mac Defender and its aliases. Many frustrated Mac users think their Mac is impervious to viruses and think this is a real warning from Apple. I really wish I could say not many people will fall for this, but in this last week, we have had nothing but Mac Defender and similar calls.

I contacted this person and arranged an interview. I’ve edited our conversation to remove any details that might identify this individual or the call center location, but otherwise this is a verbatim transcript.”

So if you are a MAC user and you are searching for Anti-Virus/Malware software for your MAC then steer clear of this one below.


Read the full article at Ed Bott’s tech Blog HERE at ZDNet.