Google to fix Android leak

AndroidGoogle have announced that they are on their way to issuing a fix for the ID data leak that the Android operating system on many mobile phones has been afflicted with of late. It just seems that 2011 is going to be a bad year for information technology and security.

“Google is on its way to fix the vulnerability issue with Android phones that could have exposed users’ personal data.

German researchers Bastian Konings, Jens Nickels and Florian Schaub, from the University of Ulm, warned that 99 percent of the handphones had the potential to leak Google services login data over unprotected Wi-Fi networks.”

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Search Engine Wars Part III

google-vs-microsoftWell just when you though it was safe to dip your toes into the cyberpond its not and round three or is it four or five, I forget… Microsoft and Google are at it again in the search engine wars.

“Google has defended recent changes to its search system that reduced the prominence of some popular websites.

One of the worst hit by the “Panda” update was, a Microsoft-owned company that had been leading an EU competition case against Google.

Its web visibility fell by 94% according to analysis by Searchmetrics.

Google’s head of search evaluation, Scott Huffman, said it was “almost absurd” to suggest that the results were rigged.

The company regularly changes the algorithms that determine what users see when they search.”

Full Article HERE at BBC Technology News.

New Anti-Trust Complaint for Google

The search engine wars are hotting up, it was a while back that Google accused Bing (by Microsoft) for cheating, now a French specialist search engine 1plusV has filed a complaint with the EU Commission over Google blocking them from using Google’s AdSense, resulting in lower internet traffic.

“A new complaint about Google’s alleged anti-competitive behaviour has been filed by specialist French search engine 1plusV. It follows similar complaints from price comparison site Foundem and legal search engine last year.

Those triggered a European Commission probe into Google’s business practices, which is ongoing.

1plusV is the parent company of of and runs so-called vertical search engines that specialise in law, music and culture.

It said that between 2006 and 2010 Google prevented vertical search firms from using its online advertising service AdSense.”

Read the full article HERE at BBC Technology News.

Google accuses Bing of copying

GooglevsbingWell it looks as now Bing the search or should I say “decision engine” from Microsoft is now starting to gain a foothold in the search market that Google has dominated for years and subsequently coined the immortal search term “to google” instead of “to search” in PC user circles.

Google has accused Microsoft of cheating, following an investigation known as the ‘Bing Sting’.  Google engineers created 100 nonsensical queries such as “hiybbprqag” and inserted a fake result for each.

Within weeks, the same results began to appear on its rival Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Microsoft denies copying Google and accused Google of conducting “spy-novelesque stunts”.

Harry Shum, vice president of Bing, said: “We do not copy Google’s search results. We use multiple signals and approaches in ranking search results,” he added.

“Opt-in programs like the toolbar help us with clickstream data, one of many input signals we and other search engines use to help rank sites,” he added.

Not that Bing actually lists the same result as Google’s complaint now, may have been omitted by Bing engineers or as some Search Engine experts and pundits question, was it intended to be released due to Farsight 2011 being on this week!?

search result Bing

So I’m just as usual sceptical of these types of digs at other companies to score cheap points, so I’m open minded to what both are up to, but its big business.

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