Mozilla Firefox latest version taken offline

Firefox logoMozilla’s latest version of the popular alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has been taken offline for download due to a vulnerability found in the browser that could allow an attacker to gain access to your pc.

“The latest version of Mozilla’s Firefox browser has been taken offline after a security vulnerability was discovered.

Users who had upgraded to version 16 were advised to downgrade to the previous safe release until Firefox developers released a fix.

The vulnerability allowed “a malicious site to potentially determine which websites users have visited”, Mozilla said.

The non-profit company said that only a “limited number of users are affected”.

The download had been taken offline within a day of its initial release, the organisation’s UK spokesman said.

Some users were upgraded automatically to the new version, but are now being advised to uninstall the updates.”

Those using the latest version 16 of the browser are advised to downgrade to the previous version HERE or in my mind use an alternative as in Internet Explorer.

I will say that these days no browser is safe and issues like these are common place, we as the user just need to make sure we keep our Windows version and all software up to date and safe surf.


Full article from BBC News HERE

Mozilla Firefox 4.0 making download progress

Mozilla Firefox (Fx for short) has made a splash in the browser world with on its first day of release 5 million users downloading it, a bit short of the 8m that downloaded Firefox 3.0 in 2008, but none the less an impressive total.

Today that total is at the dizzy heights of 23.5m, not to take anything away from this superb statistic, I always look at statistics like this with some scepticism and why you may ask, well its simple, I have downloaded it on 3 separate occasions for the same PC, so over the life of a counter like below users may well download it multiple times, due to re-installs etc. so if it was a unique statistic from an IP address and counted once I would be massively impressed.

Fx 4.0 Download Stats

The statistic page also if you click the multi-coloured bars in the left corner with the arrow in above image, will allow you to see what countries are downloading Firefox 4.0 and Europeans are great lovers of Firefox as the predominant downloaders and users. You can also drill down into cities of a country to see who is downloading Firefox 4.0 the most.

Fx 4.0 Download Stats 002Fx 4.0 Download Stats 003

Firefox’s market share has declined a small bit over the last year from figures from MarketShare’s last graph HERE due to Google’s Chrome browser stating to make inroads into both Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox’s share of what is a competitive market. As these figures are from February 2011 as last ones I have seen, it will be interesting to see as now Microsoft have Internet Explorer 9 on the market as well as the release in the past week of Firefox 4.0 for Mozilla, perform over the next few months.

Needless to say the browser wars are only just starting, but I feel it keeps the browser technology moving forward and competition is good for the end user like me and you.

Download Firefox 4.0 from HERE                                                                                       Compatible  with Windows XP, Vista, 7, Apple Mac and Linux.

Home Dash for Firefox 4.0 beta



Home Dash is the newest Prospector experiment to improve search and content discovery in Firefox. It removes all the standard web browser interface like the location bar, search bar and tabs; and leaves behind just a Firefox logo that is used to bring up a dashboard. Here on the right-hand side, Home Dash has found my top 24 sites and organized them based on my browsing behavior. While still far from it’s end goal, this was the original idea of making a browse-based browser (as opposed to a search-based one).

In the top left corner, there’s a search box where I can type “mo”, and like Speak Words, the rest of “mozilla” has been filled in. The top sites on the right now only show those that match “mozilla” and above them are my filtered open tabs. By pointing at a site, I get an Instant Preview of the page, which now is ready for me to use and gives me feedback that I’m going to the right place. Similarly, I can also preview the matching tabs by pointing at them.

Pages from my history show up along the left, but if I feel like I want web results as well, I can click on a search icon just under the input box to get data from Google. And if that still isn’t enough, I can activate a second search to get side-by-side results with Bing. Additionally, if I keep typing, both searches will instantly update.”

Download the Add-on HERE

Do note that you need to be running Firefox 4.0 beta and you can download it from HERE

Add Windows 7 Taskbar Preview to Firefox

It was only the other day that I noticed that in Windows 7, Firefox (or the beta that I run of Minefield) does not show multiple tab previews that Internet Explorer 8 (or Internet Explorer 9 beta as I’m running on my netbook) does.

Preview 01

So a quick search of the internet and looking down the about:config list in Firefox holds the clue, the taskbar preview option is set to false (disabled), so toggling this option to true (enabled) sets the preview in the taskbar.

I took a few screenshots of the steps as a very quick guide below, do be warned that editing the about:config menus in Firefox can wrongly can cause Firefox to fail.

Open Firefox (or Minefield) and in the address bar type about:config and hit enter

Preview 02

Once the list of options are open, its best to filter the list down and to do this in the filter box type browser.taskbar.preview and the list will narrow down to only three, the one you need to highlight is browser.taskbar.preview.enable and then right click it to give you the option to Toggle the setting from false to true

Preview 04

Once set to true, restart Firefox and now when you have a few tabs open you will get the mini previews of the open windows in the taskbar.

Preview 07